Visualising the drama of God’s word

This pioneering book shows us the Bible in a completely unique way. Through the collaboration of a far-reaching field of experts, these powerful infographics reveal new beauty, meaning and connections in the key biblical themes and narratives, bringing the word of God to life on the page.


The Infographic Bible is the result of me and my team interacting with God’s word. The more we meditate on the Bible, the more we learn about God, His character and His ways, impacting how we interpret the Bible, and as a result, how we see the world around us. Working on this project has undoubtedly changed some of my opinions; I’ve grown and learnt more about God’s character and ways since beginning the project in 2013.

There are so many different theologies on the Bible, it would be impossible for me to reveal every one on each subject, and any attempt to do so would make it hard to lift this book off the coffee table. However, I have purposefully gathered a wide range of contributors from different theological backgrounds for this project, people who carry a heart for, and in some instances authority on, that subject. It is important to note that each contributor’s view is uniquely linked to their data set and will often differ from other contributor’s, or in fact, my own, view. Those different theologies are not something to be feared, but to be embraced and grappled with. A healthy maturity comes from this wrestling.

This book invites you to interact with God’s life-giving word in a fun and relevant way inside these pages. No matter where you are in your journey with God, study, analyse, interact and create with it. It is an incredible gift extended to every single person – enjoy!

We live in a world often described as a global village, in which we are constantly absorbing information. A global visual language is quickly becoming the currency of communication for this generation. Projects such as Noun and the use of emojis have grown exponentially for a reason – in fact Noun’s research has shown that combining visuals with text improves communication and learning by 89 per cent*.

Jesus spoke in parables – creating images to help His audience understand and remember the essence of His message – and Paul chose to write in the street language of the day. The Infographic Bible’s aim is to do both: to create a visual image, and then support that graphic with text that can be understood by anyone who picks up the book.

The Infographic Bible does not simply illustrate the biblical text. It doesn’t cover every book or subject, nor is it a replacement for the Bible. Rather its aim is always to point back to it. The content concentrates on the Bible’s big picture narrative, with subjects chosen to help drive that story forward. The main aim is to show that God’s word can be approached, wrestled with, analysed and meditated on. The Bible is one of the key places we encounter God and His heart for a relationship with us, bringing nourishment and wholeness as we interact with it.


The Infographic Bible is available for purchase in the UK, USA and Germany.