There are so many different theologies on the Bible, it would be impossible for The Infographic Bible to reveal every one on each subject, and any attempt to do so would make it hard to lift
this book off the coffee table. However, a wide range of contributors from different theological backgrounds were purposefully gathered for this project, people who carry a heart for, and in
some instances authority on, that subject.

Some of the contributors include:

24-7 Prayer
Worship Central
Mark Marx [Healing on the Streets]
Dr Amy Orr-Ewing [The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics]
Dr Ruth Bancewicz [The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion]
World Christian Database
Alan Hirsch [100 Movements]
Revd Graham Singh [Church Planting Canada]
Revd Dr Ian Paul
Dr Max Botner
Nick Page
Professor James Crossley

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